How can it possibly be January again?

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Your 2015 writing planner

I’ve had a fantastically exciting year that’s included a number of weeks running retreats in Devon as well as London retreats, an online bootcamp, running a ‘plot your novel in an hour’ session at a fancy members’ club and, of course, the Six Month Novel.

Alongside that I’ve taken trips to Portugal, Spain, New York, Iceland and Italy where I’ve been able to both work and write alongside travel. Alright for some, eh?

It’s been an up-and-down year in writing terms, but I’ve found the more I just focus on getting the words out and not judging, the more I’m able to cope with the inevitable fears and doubts. I’m going to use this knowledge as a springboard into next year and practice rounding off pieces of work, focusing on faster drafting to improve my flow and finishing to get a better feel for story structure.

What about you? What did you write last year and where do you want to be this time next year? For the last couple of years I’ve made a printable calendar and planner for writers as a gift, and here’s the new one for 2015. It’s a toolkit that aims to help you create a plan that will let you actually reach your goals, not just gaze longingly at them from a distance.

After all, nobody just wakes up one morning and finds themselves half way up Everest. There are some things in life you need to set your mind to…

I’d suggest printing it out and settling in with a cup of tea and a spare hour, but there’s a super-quick one-question fast version at the back for the less patient among us.

Please feel free to share this with any writer who’d like it, and when you’ve finished come back here and share your major goal for 2015 (or let me know on Twitter).

Your 2015 writing planner