That novel you’ve been wanting to write for years?


The one you haven’t actually written yet?

Imagine holding that finished first draft in your hands…

Sounds nice, huh?

We’ll help you finally get it written.

Monday 5th March – Sunday 2nd September 2018. Sign up here to find out more!

All the goodies…

Really get to know your world before you start

Write your bits off and get it done!

Develop the skills to polish your work

You tell us what you're going to write. We chase you to make sure it's done.

A supportive team for cheerleading and debating the merits of hob nobs vs custard creams

I haven’t enjoyed sitting down to write in a while and now I can’t wait.

I have achieved more than I have ever done in years of trying to write a novel both alone and with a coach

You and Charlie provide such a perfect mix of structure, feedback and encouragement that cultivates our continual creating!

The #6mthnovel was invaluable—a coached, safe and supportive environment.