So. By now you’ve heard about the fantastical procrastination-busty 4 weeks of online bootcamp goodness designed to get you writing again? The one in July?

No? (what do you mean I need to calm down and stop making words up?)

Well then go and look here.

There’s a free little exercise to help you make time to write too. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

OK, what do you think? You’d like to win a place? Cool!

Here’s how to win

1.  Write a short paragraph telling me why you write and what your biggest challenge(s) is(are) with writing at the moment. 300 words max.

2. Post it on your blog or website or facebook account with a link to this page:

3. Let me know about your entry by pasting your entry and linking to it in the comments below or emailing me at with the link and your entry. If you don’t have a blog/site/facebook, you can write your answer in the comments or email it to me.

Social Media Bonus

I’ll love you a little more if you take the first entry option (publishing your entry on your site and sending it to me), but you can also get bonus points by linking to on Facebook or Twitter (max one link on each per day please). These are just suggestions, feel free to share it your own way!

On twitter, your tweet must contain the #getwriting hashtag and link to 

e.g. I want to win a place on @urbanwriters’ #getwriting bootcamp!

To enter on Facebook, share your entry with an update along the lines of:

I want to win a Get Writing! Bootcamp place!


What you should know (my competition, my rules!)

Written entries must be under 300 words with no minimum word limit.

The competition closes at 20:00 (London, UK time) on Friday 17th June 2011.

You can enter from anywhere in the world.

The prize is a place on my 4 week online Get Writing! bootcamp, running from Monday 4th July-Sunday 31st July 2011. It cannot be swapped for anything else, though you can give it to another writer as a gift if you like.

If the winner has already booked on the bootcamp, I’ll refund their money.

I will pick the entry that I like best, and yes, I’m a biased judge.  Honesty and enthusiasm will get you a long way.

By entering, you agree to take part in publicity (although I would always warn you first).

I’ll announce the winner on or around Monday 20th June.

Ready. Set. Go!