One step, two step, three step, four…
Last week we talked about breaking writing projects (and anything else really) down into little chunks and then further into bite-sized snacklets that are actually do-able. Om nom nom. 
Lots of you thought this was a good idea, and so my question today is: did you do it? Probably not, it’s very easy to put things off for another day or another week. But why not get started now? Think of a tiny step you could take today towards your writing goal. It can be anything as long as it’s achievable TODAY.
Some ideas: buy a notebook, brainstorm that idea you’ve been putting off, write for 5 minutes in your lunch break, write 500 words as soon as you get home, edit one page of your manuscript, write one paragraph on a character’s background. Pick just one.
Now do it!
(warning: following this advice may induce feelings of happiness, optimism and goodwill to all mankind)
I’ve shared my step on facebook and twitter (use #getwriting). Come and let me know what yours is and/or how pleased you are with yourself once you’ve done it 🙂