I wasn’t at all sure this year’s NaNoWriMo was feasible, given that when I went to bed on 22nd November I’d only written 12.5k. I have no excuse, I’ve just been procrastinating. Of course. I couldn’t find a viable reason for failing, so I figured it was about time I just did it. So yesterday I woke at 10, got a cup of tea and marmite on toast, pulled my computer into my bed and started to write.


I managed over 15,000 words, putting me over the half way mark, woo! This looked really impressive until I broke it down. When I know where I’m going I average 1,500 words an hour (and let’s make it clear, I’m making no claims for quality – think I wrote just 2 sentences I actively like yesterday). This sounds great until you realise that taking breaks into account it’s just 25wpm. What on earth am I doing with the other 40 seconds in each minute?


At home I write with earphones and music because I can’t deal with everyday stuff breaking the bubble. I do regularly try other music, but somehow I always find myself back on Aerosmith and Soundgarden. I don’t know if there’s something seriously wrong with me or if it’s just something I can’t help as a 90s teenager. Do you have ANY IDEA of the effect 10 hours of hair rock can have on a girl? I am a (big-haired) wreck today – was in work for an hour before I realised I had my jumper on inside out and have had ‘love in an elevator’ going round my head for hours. I will get through NaNo, I will, even if I turn into Steve Tyler.