This is tricky because cooking is actually rather a good thing. Aside from ensuring I don’t die of starvation or clog my arteries with ready-meals, my occasional cooking sprees save me money on lunches, provide batches of home-made goodness I can store in the freezer for days when I’m just too tired, or buy me friendship. Things I have been known to cook when procrastinating include:
Rice pudding (this one happens a LOT), real custard
Cakes, brownies, biscuits
Roast dinners
Lasagne, chilli, meatballs, homemade burgers
Caramelised red onion chutney, mint chutney, mayonnaise
Root vegetable pie, chicken pies, onion and goats cheese tarts
Ice cream
Roasted tomatoes (for some reason I make these a lot too)
Chocolate truffles

It was last weekend when I made my own chocolates and mayonnaise that I realised things are getting out of hand. Cooking can be quite useful because it’s solitary, calm, physical and often repetitive. This makes it fertile ground for thinking about writing, but come on woman, get a grip!

(P.S: actually I have no intention of getting a grip. All suggestions for exciting new recipes to spend my time on are welcome.)