Writers procrastinate. It’s what we do. Starting is always the most difficult thing, like jumping into a swimming pool. After 2 degrees, professional business qualifications, writing courses, work taken home to complete, a novel, a screenplay and a hundred unfinished writing projects, I have become something of an expert in procrastination. So here are some of my favourites, to come as I think of them.
First and foremost, it’s not unusual or interesting but my television is sucking away my soul. Mindless escape at its best, I was even irritated the other day when my housemate insisted on watching a programme on Darwin rather than Friends reruns (and yes, it did turn out to be worth watching). The people I know who achieve the most and who are the most energetic don’t own a TV, or rarely watch it. They are wise enough to avoid the basic problem with TV, which is finding the discipline to turn it off. It’s that combination of channel-surfing and the comfort of a sofa and blanket that makes it so very difficult, and once I sit down that’s it, the evening is out of the window. It’s a love-hate relationship we have, my TV and I. Does anyone know how I can break free? I can’t throw it away as my housemates might beat me.