I’m just waiting for confirmation on bookings at a new venue for 2009 retreats. I do plan on using the Rag Factory again because I adore it but want to use other venues in different areas too. I went to see The Make Lounge at the weekend and fell in love. It’s only available on occasional Sundays, but I had been planning on doing mostly one-day retreats anyway because that format seems to fit better into people’s lives (returning retreaters all came for one day and I think everyone who has done the whole weekend agrees it’s quite intense).


The worry was that after the first three retreats I would just lose momentum and stop because it’s still all a bit scary, which would be a shame because feedback suggests that people really appreciate time away to just write. It took a long time and some lateral thinking to find the venue (and I’m still on the lookout if anyone has any suggestions), and I had to think seriously about the fantastic feedback from the first retreats, about how to give people what they want and need. Rest assured to anyone who came, I’ve taken everything on board and am making as many improvements from the suggestions as I can. Having booked some new dates I’m all bouncy and have been doing my happy dance, and once it’s all confirmed I’ll update the website with proper details.


Woo! 2009 suddenly looks MUCH more exciting.