For a long time this blog just held ‘useful stuff’, resources and tools. Then I found the first Urban Writers blog and remembered that I really enjoyed sharing something a bit more personal, so thought I’d post a couple of photos from yesterday’s retreat.

I haven’t really taken any of people working or our breaks because some people might not want their pictures up, but it was such a beautiful day that we had both lunch and afternoon tea outside. We were completely full and it was a lovely bunch, almost all people I’ve not met before.

This is what my 5-year old nephew helped me to make on Saturday (scones and badly-lit lemon drizzle cake):

Scones for Urban Writers Retreat

 lemon drizzle cake for Urban Writers Retreat


I thought it was time to add a bit more fun to the retreats, so we had a wordcount horserace. The name seems to fox people, but actually it’s kind of self-explanatory. You take a horse (or a giraffe or a monkey) and move it along the racecourse, which is marked with wordcount milestones, as you write more. It’s more to do with being part of a game and challenging yourself than about being competitive with others, and I particularly like the horse that’s going backwards:

Wordcount horserace


Yes, it’s daft, I know. But it’s cute so it’s staying.

Afternoon tea was another new element that I’ve been thinking about for a while, partly to combat the afternoon slump and partly because, well, who wouldn’t want a writing retreat with afternoon tea? It just seemed like it would be a lovely thing to do, and it was. Here they are waiting to be eaten. Om nom nom!

Urban Writers Retreat Afternoon Tea Scones