So, retail not being the best industry in the current economic climate, I have been made redundant. As luck would have it (debate is currently raging in my flat about whether I’m just jammy or if I created this luck by hard work, – guess which side I’m on) I was offered a job with what is potentially my dream company about two hours after the redundancy was finalised, and I am in the middle of a lovely long holiday thanks to my employer not wanting us to work our notice period. I believe it may be called gardening leave.

Now, in theory, this should be a giant creative writing retreat, but of course life gets in the way. This period is really highlighting to me why I need the Urban Writers Retreat as I haven’t done any writing! My excuse is that setting up UWR is taking up a surprising amount of time. I’m creating a business around helping writers to solve one of their most basic problems, but of course the whole point of me doing it is that I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire, which makes progress very slow sometimes.

So today I put on a dress to make me feel like a real person and headed to the Southbank Centre with its free wifi and useful power sockets. And it’s remarkably productive. I realised too that I have been working, it’s just that I’ve been doing a lot of preparatory work that doesn’t have visible results. Also, being on my own hasn’t bothered me. Although I’m sociable, I love time to myself. I love being answerable only to myself in both its good and bad forms. I like the variety of things I need to think about and having to learn new things (hello website with payment facility!). I am loving being a freelancer, and wish it didn’t have to end. I’m finding this encouraging because I’ve wanted to work for myself for a whole decade but have always wondered if I had the right personality.

Crossed fingers…