Not writing is the most common problem that writers have. In a writing retreat situation where everybody else is writing it’s relatively easy to beat procrastination and distraction, but what about when you’re sitting at home looking at a blank page yet again?

Urban Writers Retreat is all about helping writers to do their thing, so I’ve tried to distil the lessons we’ve learned over 2 years of retreats into a set of tips and techniques that you can dip intoe at home to help you settle down to write, and to improve your ability to focus once you’re there. You can view it online and download it by clicking on the picture below.

2 basic but crucial things you must do to develop your writing mojo

4 Jedi mind-tricks you can do away from your work

6 techniques to focus your mind at the writing desk

It’s free, you’re not expected to sign up for anything and please add your suggestions in the comments if you think I’ve missed things. And if you find this book helpful, please spread it to other writers by tweeting about it, using any of the social media buttons or emailing this link to other writers.

Happy writing!