Every time I go to Devon I love it more, despite the apparently endless rain.

I meant the place when I typed that sentence, but thinking about it I mean the residential retreats too. I’ve felt a bit silly about the fact that they bring me such joy – after all I spend most of my time cooking and looking after other people. But then I dug out something I wrote early in 2008 before starting Urban Writers’ about what mattered to me and how I wanted life to look. I wanted my life and work to be filled with creativity and writing. Someone once said I was a facilitator, and back in 2008 I decided I wanted to nurture people and bring happiness to them by helping them do the thing they love most. And somehow that’s exactly what I’ve got.

Writing retreat view

The view from the front rooms at the residential retreat

How could you not love countryside like this? Especially when it’s the view from your window when you wake up. We got back from the March Devon retreat a week ago and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.

I’ll share a pic of the writing room once I have permission from the writers, but rest assured we had a productive time. We finished sitcoms, started new film scripts, straightened plot kinks and wrote thousands upon thousands of words. There was even a, ‘By Jove, I’ve got it!’ moment (a vastly underused phrase, in my opinion). It was ace.

And between words we had long lunches with interesting people,

Writing retreat lunch

Spring green soup and yummy salad


took walks up the hill into Dartmoor

View up the hill from the back staircase

View up the hill from the back staircase


And ate cake.

writing retreat cake

Gluten-free honey cake

I can’t wait to do it all again – if you want to join us, we’ve over half full already.