Sometimes I put off writing (I don’t have the answer to something, my room is too cold, I don’t like my main character, doing a synopsis is EVIL, any reason big or small), and then time passes and another week has gone by and I’ve still done nothing.

You know you’ve done it too.

Then a coach asked me a very simple question: what would it take to make this feel delicious?

Because, she said, if it feels awful you’ll keep putting it off, but if you look for ways of making it feel better it will, er, be nicer to do.

The woman is a genius.



The thing that would make your current writing problem feel better might be something practical like buy myself a better chair or more vague, perhaps know where my story is going.

What you’re aiming for is something that’s do-able and specific, so I’ve asked two bonus questions designed to get you from, ooh that sounds lovely to practical steps you can take right now that will help things feel easier and better. Sometimes it’s little things that will shake things out and let us move forward again, but if you’ll need much bigger changes then at least you know what it will take and how to get there.

Then you can get on with your writing and the world will be a happier place.

So. What would make your writing feel amazing? And what can you do today to get a little bit of that feeling?


For me? I needed to let go of the big picture and let myself doodle with words, ask questions and find out more about my story world without pressure. And remember to put on my snuggly socks.