A while ago I talked about how upset I was to have lost my copy of In Search of Adam by Caroline Smailes.


The other evening I was doing a marketing plan for work. Of course, what that really meant was that I watched 2 re-runs of Friends, did a few stomach crunches, texted a few people then meandered to my bookcase. Clearly sorting the CDs there was more important than work, and doing this crucial task revealed books that have been sat behind the CDs feeling unloved.


So I did a bit of book shuffling. You know, you stuff all the crummy free books from magazines to the back where nobody will see the SHAME of you owning them (because you throwing out books is just not an option) Then you put a selection of your favourite books and ones that you think make you look clever near the front. Tragic, yes, but I know I’m not the only one.

Slight aside – my books are not in any order, but what I really really want is a bookcase like this.

Anyhow, tucked carefully at the back where I decided long ago it would be safe was my copy of In Search of Adam. Wooooooooo! I have spent hours trying to work out exactly when I could have accidentally thrown it out and can now use that time reading it instead (ha! Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood has been in my bag for a week now and have made it to page 10, pathetic).


2 lessons learned from this.

1. I am quite organised and careful with things, but only very sporadically. When I lose stuff I should check places I would try to keep them safe.

2. Am as dumb as (if not dumber than) a 7-year-old.