Here’s a little silly little online advent calendar to make you smile while you’re procrastinating writing.

Just click on the right date and your prompt will pop up box will pop up. Set a timer (5-20 minutes is good) and write non-stop. It’s excellent writing practice, will give you new ideas and it’s a great way of warming your brain up in the morning.

Think of it as being like doing piano scales, only fun.

And if you fancy a bit more, or want to get back into writing but are looking for a bit of support, let me point you towards the Writer’s Block Detox, which sends writing prompts and other exercises right into your inbox every day for 4 weeks.



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Love getting prompts?

Want more writing mojo?

Check out the Writer’s Block Detox (starts 2nd January 2017). I’ll send writing prompts and exercises right into your inbox for 4 weeks, that will help you fall back in love with writing and leave you brimming with ideas.