I’ve been taking part in the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge since it started 2 years ago (this is perhaps the 4th round).

I’d been running writing retreats for a couple of years already but was feeling stifled and ready to give them up. I wasn’t writing at all, which was contributing to my bad feelings about the retreats. I was dissatisfied with my job and the way my life was going in general and I wasn’t willing to pay for help because I felt like a bit of a hopeless case, like I wasn’t trying hard enough so I didn’t deserve it.

There was a choice. There’s always a choice. You either accept the way things are, accept being miserable, or you choose to look for ways of changing, both your situation and the way you look at life.

Fast forward two years. I’ve said for years that my perfect life would include working for a company I like one day a week for stability and then spend the rest of my time on writing and running my own business. I wanted to travel and to feel, if not confident, at least brave enough to take risks.


Playing with word pictures

Playing with word pictures

Almost exactly a year ago I finally got the courage to leave a stable job with a prestigious company. I loved the company but not the job, and it was time to follow my dreams. I spent 3 months in Bali where I completed the first draft of a novel and ran an online bootcamp, I ran my first residential retreat and I’m nearly half way through another novel draft. It’s been a very difficult year in some respects (*coughfinancesprocrastinationcough*) and I’ve got a long way to go, but I feel creatively fulfilled and in control. I love running the writing retreats and meeting you brilliant people and last week I got offered freelance work one day a week with my old company (I said I loved them, right?).

I wouldn’t change this life for the world, but it hasn’t magically appeared overnight. It’s been a very long process of just putting one foot in front of the other, but there are a couple of things that have acted as springboards for change, one of which is the 30 Day Challenge (for more see the bottom of the page). It’s where 200 or so people from around the world come together for a month to PLAY and to create something they weren’t quite sure they could manage in a month. I’ve used the process to rediscover my love for the retreats, to set up blogs and websites and to create art.

I haven’t decided what to do for March yet, whether to boost my writing or create something entirely different, but I can’t wait. Doing something genuinely fun is liberating and helped me to see that that I didn’t have to make life so hard for myself and actually if I wanted to write, travel run my own business, I could just do it. It might not be easy, but it’s all figure-out-able. It’s ok to want the things you want rather than the ‘sensible’ stuff and to go for it.

Then John, who runs SWLP and the 30 Day Challenge, said he’d give me a £40 discount to offer you. Thanks, John! Go and read through the details and see what you think. The challenge might not be for you, or maybe you aren’t sure you’re willing to commit the time and effort at the moment. If it’s for you though, you’ll already know that you need to do something to change. You’ll read it and you’ll know this is right, that you want it.

If you’re thinking of joining us I just want to warn you, the price goes up at 10pm tonight. The full price is £297, but at the moment it’s £187.

With my discount, it’s a much more affordable £147.


To take advantage, look for the big yellow Add To Cart button on the 30 Day Challenge page. Now look just underneath it for the silver single payment button. Click on that button, enter URBANWRITERS in the promo code box and hit apply. The new price of £147 should show up. This won’t work if you choose the split payment option, sorry.

Join the 30 Day Challenge here

If you decide to join later, my code should still work but I’m not sure how quickly the price will go up in the final few days.

And if it’s not for you this time but you want to change your life for the better? Try Marie Forleo, lovely Selina Barker, Free Range Humans and Suzy Greaves. If you want to really dedicate yourself to improving your writing, take a class or even apply for an MA. Or grab a friend and set your own challenge for March. Just do something! If you join though, let me know so I can come and say hi.


Playing with sand. This pretty well sums up how I feel about life right now.

Playing with sand. This pretty well sums up how I feel about life right now.





(This is an affiliate link, meaning I will get a commission when people book through me. You can tell this is a genuine recommendation by the fact that I’ll be joining the challenge too, and by using my link you get £40 off. I think that counts as a win all round.)