Dates for the first Urban Writers Retreats of 2009 are now online, woohoo!

Writing for a solid weekend is pretty tiring if you’re working full weeks on either side (and especially, I suspect, if you are organising the writing event in question). My feeling is that people have more energy and get more done on the first day, and the feedback certainly doesn’t suggest that people doing one-day retreats get less from the experience. I suppose it’s an individual thing. But for January to April I’m trialling one-day retreats on Sundays so that everyone still gets one day for shopping/housework/lazing about. I’m planning on doing a couple of full weekends (and maybe even trying a full week, gasp) later in the year but we’ll see what the feedback is on this series.

So the dates are:

Sunday 25th January

Sunday 22nd February

Sunday 22nd March

Sunday 19th April.


Visit for more details.


I still do a little dance to myself every time I think about the new venue – it’s purty. And I have my eye on doing a knockout knicker workshop, but I don’t currently reach the (exceptionally basic) required level of sewing skill. Well, that’s another thing to learn this year then.